Place of worship

Places of worship from around the world

Places of worship from around the world
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This is a community to share pictures of places of worship from around the world, of any religion. A place of worship can be anything from a cathedral or temple to a little shrine inside your home.

Photographic skill does not matter, as long as the pictures aren't horribly pixellated! It would be nice to see pictures of the interior, although this isn't necessary as I know that sometimes it can be hard to gain access to certain buildings.


1. If you have more than one photo, please post subsequent photos behind a cut.
2. Include the location - town and country - of your photos in the title of your post.
3. Please be respectful of other religions.
4. Tag all posts with religion, country and continent.
5. Do not delete entries/comments. First time = warning, second time = banned.
6. Keep your text to the default font/size/colour settings for the comm.

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If you have any problems/queries, please send me a Private Message.