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St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

St.Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin is the largest of the city's two cathedral (the other one being Christchurch Cathedral). Unusually, the cathedral is not the seat of a bishop, but the National Cathedral of Ireland, this situation has existed since the 13th century. The dean of the cathedral is the ordinary of the church, the most famous holder of this office was the author Jonathan Swift (of Gulliver's Travels)

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St Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England

This isolated chapel was attached to a monastery in the village below the hill. It dates to about 1400 and probably survived the dissolution of the monasteries because it is on a hill which overlooks the sea and the chapel may have been used as a lighthouse.

I could not find out anything about the terracing on the hill, so I don't know whether it is prehistoric or the result of medieval farming.  There are a lot of prehistoric earthworks in the area and if these terraces are prehistoric, I don't know why this place isn't as famous as Glastonbury Tor.

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St. George's Cathedral, L'viv, Ukraine (Archikatedra Swietego Jura we Lwowie)

I scanned a booklet of St. George's Cathedral, Lviv (Lwow), Ukraine, which I had picked up in my travels a few years ago. L'Viv is lovely! The city of lions. :)

You can click the photos to go the the album in Webshots.

The text is in Polish. If you would like to read about St. George's Cathedral, the Wiki article is here.