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Place of worship

Places of worship from around the world

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Pokrovsky Church/ Grodno/ Belarus
hiv_iv wrote in placeofworship
small virtual tour of four panoramas on Pokrovsky Cathedral in Grodno pass through the points can use the map to the right bottom. The temple is located in the city center Orzeszkowa the street. tour naturally look better in full screen mode .. this is a button on the control panel below The sound is muted icon in the upper right corner would be nice to hear feedback from owners aypadov)) as it looks at them a panorama of social networks has buttons click if liked))) comments here and welcome under panoramka


или тисьните на ссылку посетить храм

а ещё всякую фигню где я бываю и что делаю пишу в twitter
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This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

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