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Place of worship

Places of worship from around the world

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St.Joriskerk, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
History cathedral
birdienl wrote in placeofworship

The St.Joriskerk in Amersfoort is a hall church with three aisles. The oldest parts of the current church (lower parts of the tower) date from the 13th century. In the 16th century, the church was made into a hall church, causing the tower to be enclosed by the church itself.

The church's patron saint is St. Joris/Saint George, a legendary nobleman of whom it was said he killed a children-eating dragon. Interestingly, the above painting was made in the 17th century, when the church was already protestant for almost a century.

In the Middle Ages, walls and vaults of the church were richly decorated with paintings. The paintings were painted over after the Reformation and not found again until the restoration in the mid-20th century. Some are still in a remarkably good shape.

The main treasure of this church is the beautifully carved sandstone rood screen from 1480. It is one of the few examples of pre-Reformation rood screens in the Netherlands.

(I don't have many pictures of this church as there was a restoration going on when I was there)

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Thanks for sharing. It's cool to see the Medieval paintings.

You're welcome! I love Medieval paintings rediscovered in Protestant churches!

Much the same thing happened in the Reformation in England where medieval paintings were painted over. When uncovered today, they always look a little strange because the style is so different.

But isn't it lovely to discover something from so long ago when it was long thought the churches were bare in the 'primitive' Medieval times?

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