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Place of worship

Places of worship from around the world

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Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England
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birdienl wrote in placeofworship
The post earlier today of corinneceleste about Canterbury Cathedral made me realize I also had pictures of this wonderful church. So here is my addition!

The tower right on the picture is called the Bell Harry Tower. The building of this 90,5 m tower took from 1490 until 1510. The tower is named after Prior Henry of Eastry who organised the building.
The West towers, left in the picture, were build in 1420-1435, but the north west tower was rebuild in the 19th century after it was found to be falling apart.

The nave: this nave, build in the 14th century, replaced the earlier Romanesque nave. The nave was designed by Henry Yevele, the King's Master Mason.

One of the many tombs of bishops in the cathedral, this one commemorates Henry Chichele, bishop of Canterbury from 1414-1443 and founder of All Souls college in Oxford.

The quire was rebuild after a disastrous fire in 1174. Thomas Becket's shrine was placed in the Trinity Chapel in 1220, until it was destroyed in 1538 during the Reformation.

The magnificent vaulting on the inside of the Bell Harry tower, completed in 1503. Strangely, the centre is a trapdoor, above which is the original treadmill used in raising stones during the construction of the tower.

A modern monument at the place where Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170.

One of the many beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedral. This is the West Window of the church. The windows depict persons from the Bible. The middle panel of the bottom row depicts Adam delving and this is the oldest surviving piece of stained glass in the cathedral, dating from 1176!

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Really wonderful lighting effects on the pillars and ceiling!

Wonderful pictures. :)
I think Canterbury Cathedral might be my favourite church of them all. There are just so many memories connected to it, makes me quite nostalgic...

Canterbury Cathedral is absolutely in my top three of most lovely churches. I've not seen thát many yet, but I'm fairly confident it will stay up high in the list! It's just so utterly beautiful!

I'm loving these photos of canterbury cathedral; it has a special place in my heart!

I'm posting this picture again just because I'm proud of it haha. This is the view of the cathedral from my uni campus:


Oh! You live in (or near) Canterbury! That's wonderful! It's a beautiful picture.

Thanks! I attend the university there.

Is that near the main University Bus stop? It always used to look so gorgeous in the evening, with the city all lit up.

[I attended University there too. :)]

Internationa Law with International Relations. I did the LLM, finished last year.

Man I miss England. :(

I've been trying to find my picture of the Cathedral taken in the evening, I think it was the night of the Bonfire, when they have the fair and stuff. And I took from atop the hill, the Cathedral looked so gorgeous all lit up. ♥

Congratulations on graduating!

Wow, that sounds like an amazing picture! I've never been able to take a good picture of the cathedral at night.

I'm really upset that I'm not in England for bonfire night - it will be the first time ever that I haven't celebrated it.

Haha ... you beat me. I'd planned on posting my pics - have to find them first, though. :D

If you've got pictures of other places in and around the cathedral, you could still post them! Never enought pictures of beautiful places IMO!

Problem is ... I can't find them! ;-)

Ahh how well I know this cathedral. I was born in Maidstone kent and often used to cycle to see my aunt in Ramsgate via Canterbury and would stop there to take it all in - I was about 14 - years ago now! I got to know it very well and was once enthralled to be stopped in my tracks by a full rehearsal of beethoven's Missa Solemnis bursting upon me.

Yes it was magical, or perhaps I should say 'transcendent' :-)

Thank you for commenting.

One of my all time favourite churches. Despite not being Christian, I love how a great a sense of peace this place gives off.

(Deleted comment)
Wow, singing it that church, that must be a wonderful experience!

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You guys are fabulous!

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