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Russian Orthodox Church - Rouyn-Noranda, North-West Quebec
dr martens
vlad_n_van wrote in placeofworship

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thanks! is there a significant russian Canadian community there?

I don't think so. From what I found on Internet, this church was built in early 50th , but attendance was quite low and the building was eventually sold to the municipality and now is a place of a small historical museum. I am an ethnic Russian, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for me to see this fine example of our native architectural style in that place.

yup, things that connect to where people "come from" is always a powerful moment. I find Russian and Eastern European architecture very intriguing, different from the Gothic architecture of the west and it has a mix of their Slavic/Baltic heritage.

Interesting! You seem to travel a lot!

not so much as I'd like to :) several business trips a year, but some places are really interesting

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